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Summer Stuff - My Summer To Do List

I am very lucky to work at a school where I can go in pretty much any time and work in my classroom during the summer. Here are some of my summer to dos.
1. Move classrooms - this is a big job! I'm currently in the thick of it. 
2. Paint one wall of the new classroom in a fun yet relaxing color - how lucky am I that our awesome janitors let me do this!? I have five samples currently on my wall and am going with . . . PURPLE! Sorry male teacher who will someday move into my room when I retire (20 years baby!) 
3. Make new labels for my classroom library - I already worked on this a few summers ago but need to add poetry and sports to my list of genres. I need a "put me back" label for a library bin too. 
4. Make fun bathroom passes - I found this on Pinterest and LOVE it!
5. Make new labels for math and science supply buckets - my old ones are getting nasty. 
6. Add a way for students to show the part of the writing process they're at to my writer's workshop bulletin board. I'm still going my Calvin and Hobbes theme. I just need to refine it. 
7. Print and laminate my new supply labels - I just revised this and added it to TpT. Yay!
8. Get my reader's workshop, writer's workshop, and calendar months, and maybe my monthly door decorations and signs ready and upload to TpT - This is taking me forever! 
9. Figure out what my Cafe board and objective board will look like. 
10. Use this very cute clip art to make some kind of wall or hall display. I'm too noncommittal to have a classroom theme, but if I did it would probably revolve around this clip art. Darling! 
11. Make some of these floating bookshelves.  How cool would it be to have some of these around my classroom library? 
12.  Print and frame some of these darling posters and/or quotes (all found on Pinterest!).  It would be so fun to have frames everywhere!

How many of these to dos will I actually do? I don't know. 
Goal: All plus some I haven't even thought of. 
Reality: Move my room, paint the wall, go to Starbucks and collapse in exhaustion.  
What are your summer to dos?

Camp Coyote Highlights - Last Week of School Fun!

Camp Coyote was a hit!  The days were full of fun and we didn't even get close to finishing all the activities I had ready (thanks to Camp End of the Year plus some other ideas gleaned from blogging).

The Friday before camp, we cleaned out all of the desks and moved them outside the classroom.  We replaced them with "arts & crafts tables".  This was great motivation to get the room clean.  No more last minute frantic clean up!

On Day 1 we only completed cabin organization, names, and art pieces. My favorites are the Fluffy Lightning Soccer Cats and the Dancing Ninja Potatoes.

We organized everything (schedule, cabin groups, instructions for projects and jobs) with a simple PowerPoint.  Since those last days of school are so weird with assemblies, activities, etc.  it was nice to have an agenda up there all day (but easily changeable) for the kids (and for me!).  

We didn't even get to work on our Camp Coyote t-shirts until Day 2.  Some great moms came and finished the iron-ons in an hour!  Wow!  

They also enjoyed building our campfire which, as you can see, turned into a plastic tub of construction paper scrappies, but I gave up the "we must make a pretty campfire" battle.  They loved it, even though it looks kindof like a big box of colored trash.  :)

Even with all the activities and food I think my kids' favorite Camp Coyote activity was hanging out in their "cabins" (a.k.a. their sleeping bags/blankets on the floor), and of course, eating the yummy Simple Smores and other assorted camping treats.

They also loved "Camp Champs". Since we hadn't been able to get rid of all of our Wonka Bars during Wonka Week, we continued the chocolate/prize giveaway.  This was a great motivator for the kids.  They couldn't wait to remind me about yesterday's Camp Champ drawings each morning.  Oh, chocolate in the morning.  You can definitely tell it was May!  

This was a great way to end the school year.  All of my students loved the novelty of it and it will be a third grade tradition for years to come.  Hooray for Camp Coyote (and, of course, for summer)!