Halloween, Halloween! Super Teachers, Principals and Janitors!

I am completely in love with Halloween!  I look forward to the month of October all year long and it's ALMOST HERE!

I have a new team this year and, although we've talked about costume ideas, we haven't solidified anything yet.  Will we be book fairies? book characters? C.H.I.P. trophies?  

If you're in the same boat, check out my newest Super Teacher iron-ons in my Super Teachers from Preschool to High School iron-on pack.  It includes Super Teacher patterns in 8 colors labeled by grade level.
If you have a coworker you want to be "Super" too, the Super School Mega Pack includes all the grade level iron-ons plus:
Super principal, janitor, assistant, student, secretary, counselor, nurse, librarian, coach, tech, speech, therapist, supervisor, driver, para, health para, custodian, lunch lady, interventionist, reading specialist, specialist, asst. principal, and administrator!  Whew!  That's a whole lot of amazing people who support our kids.  :)
If you just need a few super teacher patterns, there are 3 free Super Teacher patterns here too.  Hope you can use them and happy (almost) October!

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