Boo! (In a great way), Geometry Freebies and Giveaways

Thank you so much to these lovely ladies for boo-ing me! I can't wait to go trick or treating at their stores!
Thank you so much Jessica at The Polka-Dotted Teacher
The Polka-dotted Teacher
Liliris at Fourth Grade Garden 
Now that I've been boo'd it's my job to nominate one fabulous blogger with more followers than me, one with about the same number of followers and another amazing blogger with less followers than me.  These friends get to choose an item from my TpT store as a treat. Hooray! I love treats!

Here are the lovely ladies I'd like to boo:
Angie at Rulin' the Roost has one of my favorite blog buttons!
April at The Idea Backpack just had a giveaway for Starbucks and Cheesecake factory.  We must be soul sisters.  :)
Rikki at The Hive just had an awesome giveaway and has a darling blog!
Sorry that it took me so long to post about being boo-ed friends who boo-ed me, but my energy has been uber-low lately.  I've started a new reading notebook letter writing activity with my students and between writing back to each of them every week, way too much blog stalking, and following up on parent conferences, I haven't been feeling as spritely as usual.

Here's your freebie.  Anyone teaching or reviewing geometry concepts?  If so, check out my Polygon and Geometry review slideshows.  Just click on the pictures below.

Don't forget to enter these awesome giveaways:
Ms. Fultz's Corner is giving away an Amazon giftcard and tons of teacher stuff, including one choice item from my TpT store!
Tonya's Treats for Teachers is celebrating 600 followers with 6 days of giveaways and a 20% off sale!
Tales from Room 112 is giving away tons of teacher created products!


  1. Hey Katie,
    I just saw your post. So where do we link up? I'm totally going to check out your store and get back to you! Thanks for boo-ing me. I will be boo-ing some more people soon!

    The Hive

  2. Thank you! I will take a look at your store.
    ~April Walker
    The Idea Backpack

  3. Katie, I checked out your store. You have so many GREAT ideas. I would love your read around the room story problems. Thank you so MUCH!!!
    The Hive