My Favorite Classroom -- Decor 101

I should probably label this post Classroom Decor 3001 since my friend Jaclyn is an advanced classroom organizer and decorator.  She has turned "the cave" (a.k.a. the classroom with no windows) into the coolest classroom space I've seen.  Since one of my favorite things to find on classroom blogs are actual pictures of classrooms, here are some pictures of Mrs. Workman's second grade classroom.  I would love to hang out here all day!

I love her cool wall posters and fun fonts!
How's this for an organized classroom library? . . . and cute too!

The kids love "The Reading Rocket"!  One of our principals hid in there and the kiddos thought it was the funniest thing ever!
Whenever I see it I think of him huddled inside. :)
Her kids make most of the labels for the classroom, which gives everything such a fun student-centered feel
Jaclyn's version of Literacy Cafe
So pretty!  I'm a sucker for supply organization!
Positive behavior support prizes and student-made labels.  Love them!


One Lovely Blog Award

Thanks to Tanya over at Mrs. Dwyer's A+ Firsties for the One Lovely Blog Award!  I'm just getting started and hope to make this blog lovelier and lovelier as time goes on.  I'll work on finding some amazing blogs to award this week (my Spring Break!).

The rules for accepting this award are to: 
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Free Fonts Galor!

How have I never discovered this until now?  Find amazing free handwriting fonts at Fonts for Peas.  You can even send in a handwriting sample and they'll make your own personalized font.  I am SO doing this!


One More Use for Iron-ons

When I'm not figuring out how to use iron-ons for school-related purposes, my attention turns to making iron-on patterns for personal use.  This is when the stack of iron-on paper I've squirreled away really comes in handy.  I've made baby onesies, personal Halloween costumes (hello Dexter and Sookie Stackhouse!), and an "I lost a bet -- ask me about it" pattern to adhere on a dress for a fellow teacher's husband to wear for a day.  If you'd like the Twilight pattens shown below leave me a comment with your e-mail and I'll send them to you.  I can't really find a way to justify listing these on my TpT or Teacher's Notebook stores.