Leprechaun Trap Freebie

Happy St. Patty's!  Ideally I'd have written this post at the beginning of March, but the house selling and overall craziness that comes along with standardized testing and Spring Break being just around the corner has been kicking my trash.  :)  The good news is that we had TWO offers on our house yesterday!  Hooray!  We accepted one this morning so hopefully I'll spend less time cleaning my bathroom counters and vacuuming baseboards and more time blogging.  I've taken a ton of pictures of what we've been doing lately: Gallon men! Pi day! Author's cafe! but haven't been able to get them posted.  Boo!
If you are planning to talk about St. Patty and leprechauns tomorrow then maybe this freebie isn't too late.  Click to download my Free Leprechaun Traps Activity which includes a PowerPoint of finished student traps and 2 printables for you to introduce the activity to students in Draw-It or Build-It versions.
You can use the pictures of real-life leprechaun traps made by kiddos to talk about making inferences or cause and effect.

Hope you enjoy and a few of you can use even though I'm running super late!


Gah . . . Moving! and Giveaways

I love this fun link up!  Go over to Diane's blog, Fifth in the Middle, and link up your blog by state.  I'm linking up now as a Colorado blogger, but I will be changing my status in July 
to . . . 
 . . . a MICHIGAN blogger!

After 11 years of teaching, four in Utah and seven (Wow! That went fast!) in Colorado, I'm now hoping to find another perfect school for me.  I've been super lucky and loved my previous and current school, so I'm hoping this good luck will follow me to MICHIGAN.  Gah!  Exciting (but also a little scary) - but I'm trying to focus on the EXCITING!  If anyone knows anything about Kalamazoo, Michigan I would love any comments or advice you're willing to share  :)

If my blog entries become bi-weekly rather than bright and early every Sunday please forgive me as I am most likely cleaning my house getting ready for a showing, figuring out my Michigan teaching license, updating my resume, researching moving companies and/or packing up my teacher dresses.

Enough (for now) about moving, let's move on to GIVEAWAYS!  I'm donating to both of these exciting giveaways.  Hop on over and enter.  There's tons of great stuff up for grabs!