Summer Stuff #7 - Differentiation Folders - Crazy Easy!

When my amazing SPED teacher friend brought these in for my students I thought, "Why didn't I think of that?"  This is such an easy way to differentiate for your kids who get overwhelmed by looking at too much information on a page or need an accommodation of completing fewer problems.  What a great idea for students with test anxiety too!  This could be an easy way to break up the work for students.
You could also use this for talented and gifted students who are working on completing only the hardest problems to pass off a standard or assignment.  Pretty genius I think, and I can say that since it wasn't my idea.  :)
All you need are a few file folders (I suggest a different color than manila) and a Sharpie marker.  I would only give these to a few students to keep in desks and then might introduce them to the whole class as part of a mini lesson on accommodations along with slant boards, fidget bucket, etc.  Then you could keep a few available for students who want to try them out.  

I was also thinking of using them for reader's response journals since I had a few sweeties get a little overwhelmed when looking at an entire blank page waiting for their writing.  Just put their blank page inside and open one or two of the flaps with the expectation that their response needs to be at least that long.  Sweet!

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Summer Planning Giveaway Stop D-2

Hi teacher friends!  Welcome to my blog and stop D-2 on this amazing scavenger hunt! Here's the secret word from this stop:

I am donating my Simple Supply Labels to this awesome "everyone wins" giveaway.  I hope that you are able to use these to help organize your classroom this summer.  
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If you just started on this hunt, make sure you check out where it all started at I'm Lovin' Lit and don't forget to collect those secret words as you hop.

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