Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

It's May!  Another school year has flown by and Teacher Appreciation Week is over.  How did that happen?!  I've had pictures from last year's Teacher Appreciation that I've been waiting to post and I'm not going to wait another year just because I'm lame and didn't do this last Sunday.  :)

I pretty much LOVED the door decoration my room mom did for appreciation week last year.  I'm a tad bit (understatement!) of a coffee fan, so this door was perfect for me.  All the kids had their own cup and they even made one for Lily too!
The PTA also had each student bring in a flower and our room moms put these together to make amazing bouquets.  I love flowers!  I know they don't last, but I love having them in my classroom!
This year one of our amazing moms was in charge of the entire week and was so thoughtful!  Check out these very kind gifts!  The sweet book was full of students' writing about what they liked about their teachers.  Mine is now sitting on my coffee table.  Priceless!  :)
 Happy end of teacher appreciation week to all!  I hope you're enjoying the end of the school year!