Show Us What You Bought Linky - My Back to School Buys

I'm beyond thrilled that I actually know what I'll be doing next year (more info on that in a later post) and could do some serious shopping at the Teachers Pay Teachers Back to School Sale.  There's a super fun linky over at Blog Hoppin' where tons of bloggers are sharing what they bought.  There's some amazing stuff out there!
Tonight is the last night to stock up while getting unbelievable discounts, so check out these fantastic items I purchased and hop on over to TpT!  The amount of time and effort that went into each of the products I purchased today is mind boggling!  Not only is the work of these amazing educators saving me tons of time, but they are also helping every one of my students, all while making me look good.  Teachers are the BEST!!!
I'm super excited about this Reader's Notebook bundle!  Not only are there TONS of graphic organizers included, but there are also differentiated versions of the same response sheets, plus I love his style.  The layout of the pages and the graphics are modern and clean. LOVE!
I've been eyeing these morning work books for a LONG time, but never taken the leap from stalker to buyer.  I finally did today!  These look amazing for spiral review and the ENTIRE year is included.
Ideas by Jivey is quite a fabulous little product creator!  I love her ideas for teaching with authentic texts.  I bought her reading and writing units, along with her mentor sentences pack (a whole year of resources!) and am so excited to use them this year!  I only wish I'd thought of this idea first because it's a FANTASTIC one!

Those are my very exciting purchases!

I just finished the August Homework Menu Pack and added it to the Super Homework Pack and am crazy excited about these products!  I spent the entire 2013-14 school year working solely on homework menu products and now I'm DONE!  Check them out if you're interested in starting a differentiated homework system, adding items to your already awesome system, or if you are interested in printables to use as homework and for classroom mini-lessons. There are a TON of printables in there and everything is zero prep for you!  

Happy shopping!  The best thing about shopping at TpT is I never have buyer's remorse. Amazing teachers deserve all the moolah we can give them!  :)