Bachelor in Paradise and Blog Resolutions

August is halfway over!  How did this happen?!

I've noticed as I look at my Blog Archive that I used to be a halfway decent blogger.  I wrote 67 blog entries in 2012!  Then my poor blog started getting neglected.  I did OK in 2013 with at least 2 entries a month, but then I started to suck it up.  Have you noticed that life maybe started to get a little stressful in 2014 with a move and a new school full of craziness?  Yep, I'm pretty sure the new job last year may have sent me into a burnout tailspin.  It's August 16th and I'm looking at all the Pinterest pictures of B2S Night extravaganzas, beautifully decorated classrooms, and Washi Tape goodness, and all I can do is pin teacher clothes and watch Bachelor in Paradise On Demand in my jammies.

I am finally working on a new TpT Math Challenge Product, but most of the time I end up clicking over to read The Teeny Tiny Teacher's blog or thinking of inappropriate math challenges like:

Tenley has kissed Joshua, JJ, and Michael in the first three days in paradise.  If she continues this pattern, and is in paradise for 21 days, how many different men will she smooch?
If Ashley I. cries for an average of 42 minutes each day and spends three full weeks in paradise, how many hours and minutes will she spend crying in all?
If Katie reads Reality Steve's blog for an average of 30 minutes a day 3 times a week, and watches his 45 minute live Spreecast weekly, how much time will she spend with Reality Steve rather than doing something that is useful for herself or humanity in general?

I cannot include things like this in a Math Challenge product for grades 3-5, so you see my dilemma. Not only have I turned into a blogger that is the polar opposite of prolific, I have been spending my non traveling (Jess and I did quite a bit this summer!) days on some fairly questionable activities.

I am hoping these last few weeks before I go back to school will be enough downtime to shake off some of that jet lag and teacher burnout (I'm hoping it's not full blown burnout, but more of a flicker situation) and go back to something new after Labor Day.

My blog posts might not have too many pictures in the near future (as this is one of the reasons I have resisted posting lately) but at least they'll exist.

If you're already back to school - good for you and I hope the Sunday Blues aren't too rough,
If you've got a few weeks - congrats let's enjoy them together,  

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