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Engage Your Super Football Fans with this Fantastic Freebie

Looking for a print and go math activity for your 2nd and 3rd grade football fans? Try this Football Math Challenge Freebie. Use this NO PREP math activity for centers, a fast finisher, morning work, homework, number talks, or math groups.

A FREE football math activity for your high flying 2nd and 3rd grade students. Just print and go! Use during the football playoffs or as a Super Bowl math activity in January or February. Perfect for math center activities, homework, problem of the week, small group work, a number talk, or fast finisher. Fun for kids and NO PREP for teachers! Click for the free printable. #math #free #teacherspayteachers #education #tpt #secondgrade #thirdgrade #football #superbowl

This football math challenge is a review of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Students are given a number of touchdowns, extra point kicks, and field goals and are then asked to find the total score of the football game. Use this as a challenge for your 2nd and 3rd graders or a review for students in higher elementary grades. You can download the Football Math Challenge Freebie at the TpT store HERE.

Another (no printables needed) math idea:

During the playoff weeks, use the game scores as number talks. Introduce the different ways to score points in a football game:

Touchdown = 6 points
Extra point kick (after a touchdown only) = 1 point
2 point conversion (after a touchdown only) = 2 points
Field goal = 3 points
Safety = 2 points

Give students the results of this weekend's games and see how many combinations of point-scoring opportunities they can find that would equal the same score(s).

For example:
In last week's playoff game, the Minnesota Vikings scored 29 points to beat the New Orleans Saints who scored 24. Find at least 2 combinations of ways the Vikings could have scored their 29 points.

One combination:
3 touchdowns (3x6=18)
3 extra point kicks (3x1=3)
2 field goals (2x3=6)
1 safety (1x2=2)
18+3+6+2=29 total points

Another possible combination:
4 touchdowns (4x6=24)
2 extra point kicks (2x1=2)
1 field goal (1x3=3)
24+2+3=29 total points

Actual combination: (You can find the actual stats on any play by play site. I used Yahoo Sports. You can find the game details for this math problem HERE.)

3 touchdowns (3x6=18)
2 extra point kicks (2x1=2)
3 field goals (3x3=9)
18+2+9=29 total points

Need more seasonal math challenges?

Monthly math challenge sets are now available for every month of the school year!  The January Math Challenges and Brainteasers include problems focused on winter and January themes like: snow, penguins, polar bears, football, Martin Luther King Jr., snowballs, hot chocolate, and yeti.

Print-and-go math challenges and brainteasers with a winter theme for January! Use these 21 NO PREP math printables with answer keys for math groups, homework, fast finishers, monthly centers, enrichment contracts or whole class problem solving. January themes include: penguins, sledding, Super Bowl, Martin Luther King, yeti, polar bears, and snow Recommended as a challenge for grades 2-3

Done thinking about January?  These February Math Challenges and Brainteasers include Valentine’s Day, Oscars, winter sports, presidents, hundreds day, and candy themes to keep those little sweeties busy all month long!

Have a fab day Super Teacher,
These free math challenge and brain teaser activities for elementary students can be used for centers, weekly challenges, small groups, or whole class problem solving. Fun for kids and easy for teachers! Perfect for 2nd and 3rd grade.

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