Prep for Valentine's Day with February Printable Freebies

Prepping for Valentine's Day?  If so, check out this February Fun Stuff Freebie.  It includes two math challenges you can use for morning work/homework/math centers, a Valentine's Day Make-Your-Own Word Find and a Valentine Candy ABC Brainstorm activity.  I find that second and third graders can talk about candy forever, so the ABC activity, although simple, is always greatly helpful as we celebrate Valentine's Day by inhaling sugar in its various forms.
A freebie with 4 printables for Valentine's Day for the grade 2-4 classroom from I Want to be a Super Teacher!
Need more math challenges?  I'm currently working on monthly math challenge sets for every month of the school year!  These February Math Challenges and Brainteasers include Valentine's Day, Oscars, winter sports, presidents, hundreds day, and candy themes.
Print-and-go math challenges and brainteasers with holiday and winter themes for February! 21 math printables with answer keys you can use for math groups, homework, fast finishers, holiday centers, or whole class problem solving. February themes include: Valentine's Day, winter sports, candy, The Oscars, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and hundreds day. Recommended as a challenge for grades 2-3.
Happy Valentine's Day!
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