Pi Day Easy Peasy Activity - Plus a March Math Freebie

Here's a quick Pi Day activity for 3.14.17 if you need something fun to introduce or celebrate the day.  All you need is yarn, scissors, and round things.  Every classroom has those right?!

First, have students choose a round object.
Next, students wrap the yarn around the circumference of the round object and cut the yarn to show one measurement around their object.
Now have students take this long piece of yarn and see how many times they can measure the diameter of their circle.  They will cut a piece of yarn for every diameter they measure.
If students do this correctly they should end up with 3 diameter yarn pieces plus an itty little left over piece or 3.14 diameters (Pi!)
Yarn, scissors, round things, DONE!
Fun, memorable, and quick - my kind of Pi Day activity!

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Happy Pi Day,

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  1. This activity is so awesome. The kids will be able to understand it easily. A big thank you!!